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Looking for the perfect music for an event? Feel good music for your heart, head, and soul?

Consider “Cathy Reitz & 7Swing” or “The Cathy Reitz Trio”

“Cathy Reitz & 7Swing” and “The Cathy Reitz Trio” were founded by musical duo Cathy and Jeff Reitz. Both come from a deep-rooted musical background. For over fifty years Cathy has been a music educator and performer in Wisconsin. Jeff has been playing instruments and performing since the beginning of time. He currently owns the Chippewa Valley Band Instrument Repair Shop,

They formed these groups with the intent to provide high quality music for all occasions and ages. From upbeat large venues to small intimate settings, they just want to make people happy while playing feel good music.  

“Cathy Reitz & 7Swing” and “The Cathy Reitz Trio” provide hassle-free entertainment. Everything necessary for the show - sound system, music stands, chairs, instruments, and lighting (if needed) - is provided by the band. All you need to provide is the performing space, a power source, and an eager audience. The performers are prompt and professional in every way.

For more information on booking please contact me, Cathy Reitz:  or call 715-874-9876
Please peruse our Facebook page at

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