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“Cathy Reitz & 7Swing” was founded by musical duo Cathy and Jeff Reitz. Both come from a deep-rooted musical background. For over fifty years Cathy has been a music educator and performer in Wisconsin . Jeff has been playing instruments and performing since the beginning of time. He currently owns the Chippewa Valley Band Instrument Repair Shop,

“7Swing’s” entertaining song list starts pre 1920 and travels beyond 2020. It includes the Great American Songbook, Big Band and Swing favorites of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, along with classics from the decades before and after. A unique feature of the band is our ability to be a bit Bawdy or Family Friendly depending on the venue. If you have a special song you want featured, let "7Swing" know in advance and we will do or best to accommodate that request. Each show is crafted with your audience in mind


​7Swing can have you dancing across the floor or sitting back to listen and relax to their sound, Cathy Reitz on vocals, a rhythm section and 3 horns (two saxophonists that double on other woodwinds and trumpet/flugelhorn). The group has a blend of vocals and instruments with an expertise that delivers a full, rich musical experience. 

Members of 7Swing are successful, active, established musicians from the Eau Claire area and together create a sound perfect for any event. They have years of musical experience and would like to share it with you. Our motto, “Be happy, Put a little jazz in your Heart”.

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